I’m A.A. Briggs or Alice or Lettuce Lady if you’re a duck!

If you’ve found this site, it’s probably because you’ve read my story in Hellcats, and hopefully you enjoyed it!

Unfortunately, there’s not much here as yet – we only got started with this thing about 3 weeks ago! But, if you would like to learn more about the feathers and the furs and be notified when I have the next story or book ready to go, the form below is the perfect place to let me know.

I plan on doing monthly newsletters with stories such as how Seven got her name, how Captain earned her rank, and how Princess and Duke became involved.

You can also follow me on IG and Facebook: @aabriggs.author

See you soon!



(Not sure why it’s not embedding… that’s a bit embarrassing! But it will get you to the form to sign up to hear more about Captain and her band of feathers and furs!)