new thriller book 1 of a series

Note: Cover and title subject to change – I just needed some kind of a visual to get started.

A nice summer vacation was the plan...

These were not on the itinerary:

  • A 500 year old family curse
  • Sketches that become maps
  • Chance encounters on a train
  • Unlikely and unlooked for help from beyond the cosmos
  • The battle between good and evil over a relic that has the power to bring life–or death

Annily thought she came to the UK to rest and enjoy the sights.

She was wrong.

To be released late 2023/early 2024

Note from the Author

This book is currently in progress, and is the first of a series of four so far. I have some exciting plans for the launch I’ll share as I have details. But for now, if you’d like to follow along with Annily on her travels through the UK and keep in touch, sign up here.